A global Travel Network providing access to the extensive global content & excellent negotiated rates to travel professionals worldwide.

Rez.Tez enables Online Travel Agencies and Travel Suppliers access to Rez.Tez's global travel content via XML interface for integration into their travel reservation system or travel website, without connecting any of Rez.Tez's traditional travel booking websites.

Rez.Tez integration solution is extremely flexible and this allows you to define the information you want to be displayed, making it easy to merge data from multiple suppliers and distribute travel content & information as per your way. Rez.Tez offers you to choose from partial or full XML Integration depending on your business requirements and infrastructure. With real time availability for properties (hotels & apartments) sourced from multiple suppliers in over 150 countries, this is best Travel Network for travel companies worldwide.

Rez.Tez Advantage

  •  Easy to use B2C/B2B interface
  •  Mapped Inventory
  •  All availabilities, information, bookings and voucher generation are done in real time and client gets the confirmation on booking instantly.
  •  Online Payment Gateway, also multiple payment gateways to provide users options to make the payment.
  •  Markup Management
  •  All the functionality of integrated into your own branded website.
  •  Your own personal XML Support Manager with guaranteed 24hr response
  •  Formal verification and certification processes – our technicians are with you at every step.
  •  Connect now to 500,000+ hotels in more than 185 countries
  •  Enhanced user experience for search and booking
  •  Online Booking Engine also picks up the best deals from different suppliers on a daily basis and updates the inventories accordingly.
  •  Rapid set up
  •  Best in class rank parity module to display the rates coming from different suppliers for the same property
  •  Technical support pre, during and post integration.
  •  Designed to meet industry standards e.g. WSDL and HTTP to provide easier connectivity.